Explorer Boats are renowned for the excellent workmanship and durability. Proven for over 20 years, some of our earliest boats are still being used actively today. We take great pride in this reputation.

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    The Explorer  Racing Team is the most unique team of professional and elite racers in the Asia! Check out all the latest news, images and much more on the Explorer Racing Team.

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    River Cruise 310 is typically built to accommodate 41 people. With shallow draft, it can voyage along waterways, the ocean coastal, and lake surroundings where huge cruise can’t.

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    We are constantly organising special events, outings and tours for fishing, angling, island hopping, family/company outings, diving trips and other exciting trips. These events have always been very successful, judging from the turnout and feedback from the participants.

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    Our team of professional and experienced boat builders take pride and pain to ensure each boat is manufactured in accordance to international standards and are of high quality.

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R & D






Menteri Besar Terengganu visiting Explorer

WITH OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE in boat manufacturing behind us, Explorer currently builds its own line of boats with everything ranging from 12 foot Car-Toppers to 32 foot Sport Fishing Boats.

Explorer was the first boat builder in Malaysia to use the chopper gun to speed up production and is currently the service and backup representative for Magnum chopper guns in Malaysia.

Explorer technicians have been sent for training programs and work closely with various international companies (i.e. OMC, Volvo Penta , Magnum, Abaris Training, Airtech, Hawkeye Ind.) And constantly keeps up to date with the Composite Industry. Explorer also works along side many local composite companies (i.e. Rohas Composites, DK Composites, Million Moulded Fibreglass) for problem solving, material material and industry backup, and coming up with better production techniques.

In 1998, Explorer took a giant leap ahead of many local boat manufacturers to construct a 52 foot Sail Catamaran, one of the largest ever built in Asia. Documented under the USCG, the vessel is currently being built in Malacca and will sail back to the United States upon completion. Built for its American owner the vessel is 52 feet long, has a 30 feet beam and a 70 mast and will run a cost up to RM4, 000,000-00. The complete construction of the vessel consists of using ATC Core-Cell PVC closed cell sheets, backed by Kevlar, Carbon Fibres and Glass Fibres. Laminating resins includes Epoxy for below water levels and Vinyl Ester for the laminates and the bonding agent (with microbaloons) during the bead and cove male moulded construction. Polypoplene Honey-Comb Core sheets are use for floorboards. DIAB's DivinylCell PVC Foam Core, ProBalsa Core and the King Starboard's Starlite will be used as the main building material of the interior furniture.

Explorer also consulted a local composite company in the construction of RTM moulds and tooling for the supply of Air Conditioner Casings to Carrier in Germany. The technique used was the state-of-the-art RTM molding process Multi Insert Tooling (MIT) developed by Plastech, UK.

Explorer managed to secure a contract with Maui Fiberglass, Hawaii to construct its 6-Man competition outrigger canoes. These OC-6 Renegades will be marketed by under the Maui line worldwide.We also managed to secure a contract to supply 150 units of 32' ferries for transporting students in the U.K. This will mark 40% of Explorer production for exports.

Explorer currently host a franchise of nine nationwide dealers and exports to over 10 foreign countries. Explorer is currently constructing two new factories to better speed up its production capability and provide more efficient service to its customers.

Explorer Achievement (Click Image to Enlarge)

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