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    River Cruise 310 is typically built to accommodate 41 people. With shallow draft, it can voyage along waterways, the ocean coastal, and lake surroundings where huge cruise can’t.

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    Our team of professional and experienced boat builders take pride and pain to ensure each boat is manufactured in accordance to international standards and are of high quality.

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Explorer E320 Open Deck Standard (E320 STD-OB)


The  Explorer 320 Open Deck was designed to plane fast, and can be customised with any of many options to make this model a perfect fit for you, your friends, and family.This model may come with inboard engine acording to customer self preferences. 

E 320 STD OD. 3E 320  STD ODE 320 STD OD. 1E 320 STD OD. 2

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Length:        9.58 m   
Width:           2.27 m    
Approx Weight:                     820 kg                       
Maximum Horse Power: 

2 x 115hp             

Capacity:           12 persons 


Anchor Compartment
2 pcs Side board drain hole c/w sst clamp shell
1 pc SST U-bolt
1 pc FRP anchor box top hatch
1 pc Bow anchor choke
Main Floorboard
1 pc Drain plug
1 pc PVC Wireharness ducting 
1 set PU foam
Transom & Motorwell
1 set Stern boarding platform
2 pcs Battery bracket c/w eye strap
1 pc Cable boot grommet
2 pcs Alum slip water drainage
1 pc Transom alum L-Bar
1 pc T-Drain plug
Pilot's Console Panel
1 set Console box c/w windscreen & SST Hand Railing
1 pc Cable Grommet
1 set Pilot's transverse box seat c/w cover and cushion
Weather Deck
1 set U shape storage box seat c/w cover,cushion and backrest
1 set Front step-up transverse box c/w  wooden varnished cover
1 set  Centre transverse box seat c/w cover and cushion
1 set  Side Hand railing 
1 set Varnish wooden finish at gunwale
1 set Flocoat c/w spackle & antiskid surface finish
1 set  SST Soft Top Canopy c/w Canvas (2 +1 Radar Arch)
1 set Explorer decal & Sticker lining
1 pc Alum s/no plate number
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